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IT Maintenance & Adhoc Support

Your computer, the office network and the internet have made doing business in the modern world so much easier and so much more effective. However, they are also parts of a complex system that like machineries, do break down and and like the human body, are susceptible to harmful elements such as viruses, spywares and bots.

Your business will be interrupted when your IT system suffers a breakdown. A prolonged failure may be very costly if business has to be conducted manually at a much slower pace.

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is really performing regular maintenance, just like what is done for your machineries or your vehicles.

Our IT Maintenance Packages comes with

  • Monthly preventive maintenance checks on your PCs, laptops and servers
  • Helpdesk support to call when you have a problem - during office hours, extended hours or 24 x 7, depending on your needs
  • 4 hours or faster response time
  • Phone-based, remote and on-site trouble shooting
  • Same day resolution or next day resolution, depending on the your needs and the severity of the problem

Why Outsource?

Instead of hiring your own in-house IT staff, consider these benefits of outsourcing your IT support to us:

  • Save Cost by paying only for what you need. IT support work do not take up all the time of an IT staff. Use our services as a total replacement or to supplement your IT team.
  • Be Assured of Uninterrupted Support as our team approach ensures continuity in support. You need not worry about losing IT support when your staff goes on leave or leaves your organisation.
  • Better Level of Support as it is our business to have expertise in a wider range of IT systems and keep up-to-date with latest developments in the IT world.

Talk to us for a free consultation and quotation.

IT Maintenance Packages

From $38 per PC per month!


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