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Data Backup & Business Continuity

As businesses rely more and more on electronic data, the amount of data stored in computers and servers is on the rise.

Typically, each staff has his/her own storage of such "gold nuggets" of precious company assets, tucked away in his/her PC, laptop, external harddrive or thumbdrive. Unfortunately, most often these precious files are not backed up at all or not backed up frequently enough.

When disaster stikes (virus attack, harddisk crash, laptop stolen, thumbdrive lost, staff leaves ....), these company assets are lost forever.

For business continuity, companies need to implement a sound data backup and restore system. Such a system would

  • be configured to frequently backup data that changes very often
  • be automated to follow a predefined schedule, to prevent backup failure in a manual process
  • have incremental or differential backup capability to store recent changes only
  • have compression and encryption capability to save space and provide data confidentiality protection
  • have version control and enable quick restore of single file or entire directories
  • include keeping backup copies at an offsite location

It is important to note that simply copying files manually into your thumbdrive or external harddisk offers limited data protection.

Our Solutions

We offer a range of data backup and business continuity solutions to suite your needs

  • Setting up a basic data backup software with a backup strategy only
  • Budget data backup hardware and software
  • Centralised data backup hardware and software
  • Online and offsite data backup

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